24th June 2020



Consumers use care 产品介绍s every day, and often even 更多 than once a day. So it is not only appealing design that matters, but also straightforward and reliable handling.

The version of the conventional roll-on deodorant bottle optimised by ALPLA is impressive in terms of both functionality and quality. The improved fit of the roller ball means this packaging solution for deodorants is sealed – there is no leakage even when the 产品介绍 is in transit or when the packaging is shaken. The roller ball nonetheless rolls especially well, allowing the 产品介绍 to be applied evenly to the skin. Additionally, the cap is weight-optimised, resulting in a 10 per cent reduction in the material used. Our experts can advise our customers on flawless label design or can assist with modifications on the bottling line.

  • Technology: EBM
  • Bottle material: HDPE
  • Cap material: PP
  • Weight-reduced cap: 10 per cent less material
  • Weight: 24 grams (not incl. roller ball)
  • Contents: 65 ml
  • Benefits: improved roller ball fit, leakproof, high functionality for convenient application
  • Market-ready packaging solution, in the market in Mexico since early 2020
  • Your contact at ALPLA: Alexander Draxler (Global Sales Director)


Aron Böhler, Head of the Packaging Management team at ALPLA

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