Wefarm’s marketplace will help smallholder farmers obtain better and cheaper agricultural inputs like seed and fertiliser, from trusted retailers, brands and service providers.

Driven by requests from our farmers - who are often tired of receiving low quality agricultural products at high cost - Wefarm is working to create the world’s first smallholder agricultural marketplace: an online/ offline platform that connects  farmers with local retailers and leading mission-driven brands.

Every year, smallholder farmers lose an inordinate amount of time and money due to fake or faulty seeds, fertilisers and other agricultural 产品介绍s. This issue disproportionately affects farmers in emerging markets. Farm yield in many parts of Africa, for instance, is just one-fifth of farm yield in the United States. Poor quality seeds and fertilisers also impact vital nutrient growth in plants and animals. Given smallholder farmers grow roughly 70 percent of the world's food, addressing this issue is vital.

If you are a manufacturer, brand or distributor looking to offer high-quality products to smallholder farmers, Wefarm can support your sales and marketing teams. Please 联系 our business development 团队 to learn more.